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Angle Asian Massage

Our signature massage therapies are delivered from professional massage therapists that can help you leave feeling happier and relaxed. Our 100% customer satisfaction is what makes us stronger in the spa industry. We provide the highest quality care to every individual who head over to our massage center

Angel Asian Massage Mission

We offer many services like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina, Acupressure, Oil Relaxing Massage, Body Pain & Stress Relief Massage, Hot Stone, Back Walking Treatment and more to meet our clients’ health and wellness goals. We are committed to enhance your sense of well-being and offer you a comfortable and relaxed environment to take you to a dream journey of peace.

Asian Massage

Angle Asian Massage Difference

We help you devote time to rejuvenation, holistic healing, relaxation, and a healthier lifestyle. Our dedicated team is friendly enough to hear your concerns and provide customized approach. The individualistic holistic approach can help you relieve from stress and anxiety, promotes energy balance through proper blood circulation and enhance self-esteem. Our wellness experience benefits everyone suffering from stress, pain and diseases. Our quality massage treatments performed by a skilled team of professionals can make you feel fabulous and stay fit.

Angle Asian Massage

Quality & Amazing 5 Star Service

Energetic Body Treatments

Our list of energetic body treatment has special discount offers to both first time and seasonable spa goers. Whether it is just a quick visit for a relaxation time or to enjoy a full day pampering, our Asian Massage is one of the best in Bloomington, CA area

Ancient Spa Rituals

By restoring and adjusting your vitality, our massage treatments will influence you to feel happy and de-stress from the fast paced life. Experience a warm and relaxing environment at our soothing spa center.

Relax And Rejuvenate

At Our SPA, our therapists can take care of your massage needs. Every treatment is customized based on your own individual requests. We use high quality organic raw ingredients to make the session more effective. Our relaxing environment can help you soothe your mind, body and soul. 

Experience A Transformational Environment

Change yourself with the existence adjusting and purging advantages of our signature treatments starting with a body scrub treatment on key zones to begin the detoxification procedure that ends with a free shower service.