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  • What a lovely day in Bloomington, CA. The hot stone treatment was amazing and I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated. My therapists knew to exactly address my pain points. I’m not able to feel any pain on my back. Such a lovely service you guys did!
    - Asif K
  • Angel Asian Massage is a top rated spa in Bloomington, CA. The therapists are friendly and made me feel comfortable before the massage treatment. I was able to share my medical problems with her. She was highly professional to suggest a therapy that worked well. Thank you for the awesome service!
    - Seane P
  • I and my girlfriend had a lovely spa experience with Angel Asian Massage. I have never felt so good in my entire massage life. The place is super soothing and relaxing. The staffs were friendly and professional. We would definitely come back again. Five stars for your dedicated spa work!
    - Tyang Mong
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Five years of massage service in delivering perfect Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chinese Tuina and Japanese Shiatsu therapy to both men and women.


Compassionate therapist having extensive knowledge in various massage modalities. I use several combination of therapy and medication to help my clients heal mentally and physically.


Excellent ability to work one-on-one personalized session with my clients. I can combine both ancient and modern massage techniques that can relax and rejuvenate your total body system.


Passionate therapist having extensive knowledge in cognitive behavioral therapy programs. I can locate exact pain points and provide excellent massage treatment that suits your current situation.